Audio Cassette Tape Transfer
USB Drive | CD | Online

audio cassette tape transfer to usb cd
camcorder tape transfer €15 per hour of video footage.

Audio Tape to File

Transfer audio tape to audio file
15/per hour
  • MP3 / Uncompressed
  • Removal of blank gaps in audio
  • *Excludes price of USB / Online Upload

Audio Tape to CD

Transfer audio tape to audio CD
15/per hour
  • High Quality CD
  • Removal of blank gaps in audio
  • Personalised disc & case


Storage options / Additional copies
  • USB Memory Stick from €15
  • Addiitonal CD copies from €5
  • Online upload

How to order

Order drop off / collection

Orders can be dropped in & collected by appointment only. Please call 0833036355

Orders by post

Select the Place Order button to fill in your order details for sending your audio tapes & for receiving your completed order.

Sending your audio cassette tapes to NJ Multimedia

Post or courier delivery services with tracking are recommended for your peace of mind.

Order Payment

When your order is complete, you will be sent a payment link to your mobile number or email.
Payment can be made by debit/credit card, Revolut account, Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfer.


Once payment has been received, your order & original audio tapes will be sent by post to your address.
Tracking details will be sent to you when your order has been sent.

Audio cassette to CD

Audio Cassette Tape to Digital Audio File

Transfer audio tapes to digital audio files. Audio file transfers include a choice of MP3 file fomat or uncompressed WAV file format. Blank gaps in audio recording will be removed at no extra charge. Individual tracks will also be created.

Audio Cassette Tape to Audio CD

Audio tape transfer to Audio CD includes personalised disc and case. Individual tracks are created for quick access to a specific part of the tape trecording. Removal of blank gaps in audio is also included.

Audio Tape Transfer Options:

  • Digital MP3 files on USB Memory Stick / Online
  • Digital uncompressed files on USB Memory Stick / Online
  • Audio CD (includes personalised disc and case)