Video Redaction - Privacy Protection Video Editing


Blurring of people and personal identifiable items

The blurring of faces, vehicle number plates, logos in videos can be an important tool for protecting privacy, complying with legal and ethical considerations, and avoiding potential harm to individuals or organizations. It can help ensure that video content is respectful, responsible, and appropriate for its intended audience.

  1. Privacy: Blurring faces in videos can help protect the privacy of individuals who may not want to be identified or whose identity needs to be kept confidential.

  2. Legal compliance: In some cases, blurring faces in videos may be required by law, such as when recording in public spaces where privacy laws apply.

  3. Ethical considerations: Blurring faces in videos can be a way to respect the dignity and autonomy of individuals who did not consent to being recorded or who may be vulnerable to harm if their identity is revealed.

  4. Protection against harassment: Blurring faces in videos can help protect individuals from harassment or other forms of harm that may result from being identified in a public setting.

  5. Brand protection: Blurring faces in videos can help protect the reputation of a brand or organization by avoiding association with potentially controversial or sensitive content.


  1. Edit video footage from digital video files, DVD, Mini DVD, vhs video tapes, camcorder tapes
  2. Export digital video files to usb, hard drive, online, DVD.
  3. Data Encyption of video files is available.
  4. Videos are securely deleted after editing.
Image sample- before redaction
Before Editing
video redaction, blur faces, number plates, logos
Blur people, number plates, logos.
Obscure videos of people, car registrations to protect the privacy of people not directly connected with the video footage. Video enhancements are used to blur or pixelate the parts of video that are not relevant.  Edited videos can be saved to dvd or as a digital video file in various formats. Data encryption can be used if required.

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