DVD Transfer to USB Memory Stick / USB Hard Drive / Online

transfer dvd to usb memory stick - transfer dvd to usb hard drive

DVD to Digital Video File

Convert DVD disc to digital video file.
Note: DVDs with copyright will not be copied.
From €5per disc
  • Backup DVD to MPEG2 video without any quality loss
  • DVD to MP4 (high quality & small size)
  • ISO Image File (Exact copy of disc)

Storage options

Save files to usb memory stick, usb hard drive, online

  • USB Memory Stick from €15
  • USB Hard Drive €60
  • Online Upload

How to order

Order drop off / collection

Orders can be dropped in & collected by appointment only. Please call 0833036355

Orders by post

Select the Place Order button to fill in your order details for sending your tapes & for receiving your completed order.

Sending your DVDs to NJ Multimedia

Post or courier delivery services with tracking are recommended for your peace of mind.

Order Payment

When your order is complete, you will be sent a payment link to your mobile number or email.
Payment can be made by debit/credit card, Revolut account, Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfer.


Once payment has been received, your order & original DVDs will be sent by post to your address.
Tracking details will be sent to you when your order has been sent.

dvd transfer to usb memory stick / usb hard drive

DVD to digital video file

Our DVD transfer service converts your DVDs into digital files that you can back up and save in different locations.
Having numerous digital backups of your treasured memories is always a good idea.

Digital video file options

Our standard dvd transfer converts your DVD to MPEG2 video file without any loss of quality.
MP4 files are also available, these files are high quality & take less storage space compared to MPEG2 files.


  • Standard encoding method for DVDs. Your converted file will be the same quality as the original DVD.
  • Produces the best video quality compared to MP4.
  • Video files are larger than MP4 encoded video files.


  • Preferred encoding method for portable devices such as smartphones, iPad, tablets and for viewing videos online.
  • Video file sizes are smaller than MPEG2 encoded video files.

Video Transfer Options

  • USB Memory Stick
  • USB Hard Drive
  • Memory Card
  • Online Upload

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