Photo Editing & Photo Restoration Service

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Photo Editing

Our photo editing service can help you improve the appearance of your photos, removal of objects and or people from pictures, add a person into a group photograph or remove a stranger from your picture etc.

Image Enhancement

  • Increase the detail in photos. Remove haze, adjust colours, brightness, contrast and more.

Removal of objects and people from pictures.

  • Remove objects or people from your photo to create the perfect photo.

Add objects or people (from different photos)

  • Create group photos from multiple images

Replacement of backgrounds

  • Replace backgrounds with a different scene. Add white background to create studio style shots.

Repair & Restore Photos

photo restoration service based in dublin

Restore damaged photos.

  • Remove creases, scratches, spots, blemishes from photos.

Red eye removal

  • Red Eye usually happens when photos are taken with a flash in dark or dimly lit conditions, this can result in some people having a red look to their eyes. This red eye effect can be removed & restored to how the eyes should be.

Repair damaged facial features

  • Remove creases or torn areas over a person’s face.

Repair damaged / missing areas of photos.

  • Damaged or missing areas of photos can be restored using the available content in the photo to create new parts to closely match the parts that aren’t damaged. 

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