Photo Scanning
USB Drive | Hard Drive | DVD | Online

Convert your photo prints into digital format images. You’ll be able to view these images on your computer,
edit them, easily create reprints of your photos, share them online or through email with family and friends, and more…


  • Photos scanned to DVD, USB Memory Stick, Memory Card, Hard Drive, Online.
  • Photo Enhancement included as standard.
  • Each photo is individually checked to ensure the highest possible quality.
  • Scanned at 300dpi and saved as high quality JPEG files (TIFF file format & higher dpi are also available).

Benefits of scanning your photos

  • Create a digital version of your photos that can be used as a backup for safe keeping.
  • Digital photos can be edited with photo editing software.
  • Easliy view & share digital photos with friends & family.

Prevent your photos from fading

Photos that you display in your home, even in glass photo frames, can start to become faded & discoloured over time. Digitally scanning your photos will help preserve them. If they have already started to become faded they can still be restored if enough detail is still visible in the photograph.

Prevent your photos from being damaged

Photographs are very delicate and can become scratched & damaged easily. With proper storage and handling, you can help protect your photographs from scratches & damage, but the only way to be sure your photographs are archived forever without any scratches is to scan them before they become damaged. Even if your photographs are already scratched, it is possible to fix them once they have been scanned by availing of our photo restoration service

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