VHS Video Tape Transfer
DVD, USB Memory Stick, Hard Drive, Online

vhs video tape transfer €15

Note: Price includes DVD & case. USB Memory Stick, Hard Drive can be supplied at additional cost.

VHS Video Tape

VHS Video Tape Transfer to DVD

View VHS video tape footage on DVD disc. Personalised disc & cases featuring the labels on your video tapes are included with all DVD transfers . Additional copies of DVDs can be supplied at time of ordering or at a later stage if you would like to return the original dvd to copy.

VHS Video Tape Tranfser to Digital Video File

View videos on various devices such as tv, pc, tablet, smartphone, . Digital video files can be saved to usb memory stick, memory card, hard drive, online upload. The digital video files can also be edited with your video editing software or if you would like to avail of our video editing service please let us know and will be glad to edit your videos to your liking.

Video Transfer Options:

  • DVD
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Memory Card
  • Hard Drive
  • Online Upload

Benefits of transferring VHS video tapes to DVD

  • Repeated viewing of a dvd video will not deteriorate the video any further.
  • DVD’s have no moving parts so cause less issues than with video tapes.
  • DVD’s are easier to handle, use, and store.
  • Compatible with dvd players, blu-ray players, pc dvd drives.
  • Allows quick access to specific scenes.

Benefits of transferring VHS video tapes to Digital Video

  • Digital video will not deteriorate.
  • Save videos to usb memory stick, hard drive or online for sharing.
  • Copy & make back ups of the video files for safe keeping.
  • Play files on various devices such as tv, pc, tablet, smartphones.
  • Use video editing software to edit video files.

How do VHS video tapes deteriorate?

A VHS video tape wears out a small amount every time it is played, the tape loses its magnetic signal over time, the quality and colour of the video deteriorates because of the friction between the tape head and tape. As the tape becomes more fragile it might lead to it breaking apart. Video tapes can even deteriorate when not in use, especially if stored in damp conditions. The analog process that was used to create vhs tape recordings meant the images were stored onto a magnetic tape. Over time, these images can fade because of different factors and will begin to look grainy as they reduce in quality. Video tape footage transferred to DVD or digital video file will last much longer since the digital codes saved to DVDs and digital videos are higher compared to analog tapes.

Facts about VHS video tapes

  • Video quality of VHS tape will deteriorate a small amount each time you watch it.
  • Storage conditions can affect the quality of the tape, damp conditions can cause white mold to develop on the tape,
    resulting in the tape having problems with playback of video & audio, sometimes video tapes are too far gone to even play properly.

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